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New Instructors

Congratulations to Jeff Chater and Tristan Evans on becoming fully qualified instructors.

October 2015 Promotions

Happy to announce this Autumn Promotions:

Wendy Jeffery - 3rd Dan
Martin Roberson - 2nd Dan
Simon Mant - 2nd Dan
Jeff Chater - 2nd Dan
Evie Browning - 3rd Star 1st Dan
Scott Mayo - 2nd Star 1st Dan
James Bretel - 1st Dan
Dylan Riden - 1st Dan
Liam Price - 1st Dan
Dylan Hannaby-Lee - 1st Dan

World Champion 2015

As many of you know one of our most prolific tournament champions Brendon Tasker was involved in a serious car collision in August.

He is on the mend but I am sure he would appreciate a ping or poke to keep him chipper. He is also now the WORLD champion point sparrer and silver medalist continuous sparrer 2015. Here's to hoping he's back in training as soon as possible.

Welsh Championships
Brendon Tasker SilverBronze
Kevin White GoldSilver
Katie Lovell Bronze 
April 2015 Promotions

Happy to announce this Springs Promotions:

Tristan Evans - 3rd Dan
Oliver Fryatt - 1st Dan 1 Star
Robin Froud - 1st Dan
Matty Chater - 1st Dan
India Hannaby-Lee - 1st Dan
Tom Yeo - 1st Dan
Jack Roach - 1st Dan
Dan Graham - 1st Dan

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